B-1861 Wolvertem, Merchtemsesteenweg 88
90 Merchtemsesteenweg Meise Vlaanderen 1861 BE

JuniorCH Bel 2014JuniorCH Lux 2015,

CH Bel 2016. CH Lux 2016.


Brown male born 19 december 2013
at Judith Ferrié (Fr)
HD/A  - PL OK  - Eyes free   - JE free  -  46,5 cm
DNA identified. Admitted to LOSH breeding.
Scissor bite.
Storage disease free. Furnishing free.
Excellent. BOB
Belgian Youth champion.
Luxemburg Youth Champion
Belgian Champion
Luxemburg Champion

24/09/2016: Show German Lagottoclub, Domenico di Matteo Itr).
Excellent 1 Champion class males. resCAC. Best coat in show.

10/09/2016: CACIB show Luxemburg, J. Goubie (Fr).
Excellent 1 chmapion class males. CAC. CACIB. Best male. BOS.

26/08/2016: European Dog Show Brussels, Jef Verrees (Be).
Excellent 1 Champion Class males.

15/05/2016:  CAC Wieze (B), Haapaniemi (Fin).
Excellent 1 open class males, CAC.
Belgian Champion

17/04/2016:  CACIB Antwerpen (B), Zeppi (It).
Excellent 1 open class males, CAC, CACIB, BOS.

27/03/2016:  CACIB Luxemburg (B), Czegledi (H).
Excellent 1 open class males, CAC, RCACIB.

15/11/2015:  CACIB Kortrijk (Be), Adriana Griffa Bocca (t)).
Excellent open males.

29/08/2015:  CACIB Luxemburg (Lux), Luis Manuel Catalan (P).
Excellent 2 intermediate males.

27/06/2015:  CACIB Genk (B), O. Carty (IE)
Excellent 1 intermediate class males, CAC, CACIB

6/06/2015:  Show of the Dutch Lagotto Club in Venlo (D), Agneta Pamp (S).
Excellent 1 on 4 intermediate class males.

5/06/2015: Show of the German Lagotto Club in Grefrath-Oedt (D), Alessandro Zeppi (It)..
Excellent 2 sur 3 intermediate class males.

18/04/2015:  CACIB Antwerpen, Tatiana Dreyer (RU).
Excellent 1 intermediate female, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Crufts Qualification.

29/03/2015:  CACIB Luxemburg (L) (Van Den Broeck (Be))
Excellent 1 in junior class males, Luxemburg junior champion, bets male and BOB.

7/12/2014:  CACIB Brussels (Be) (Jos De Cuyper (Be))
Excellent 1 in junior class males and Benelux Junior Winner.

16/11/2014:  CACIB Kortrijk (Be) (N. Deschuymere (Be))
Excellent 1 in junior class males and best junior.
Belgian junior Champion.

11/10/2014:  CACIB Charleroi (Be) A. Cuccilato (It).
Excellent 1 in junior class males and best junior.

21/09/2014:  CAC Libramont (Be) Ionescu (Ro).
Excellent 1 in junior class males and best junior.

28/06/2014:  German Clubmatch (De) Serena Bernardi (It) 63 Lagotti
Very promising 2 (on 2) puppy class males.

22/06/2014:  Dutch Clubmatch (Nl) Morsiani (It) 80 Lagotti.
Very promising 1 (on 7) puppy class males.

7/06/2014:  CAC Lommel (Be). Opris (Ro).
Very promising 1 puppy class males.

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